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SmartClassroom Vs Digital Classroom

This technology has been devised after intensive survey regarding the methodology that should be adopted in order to meet the needs and demands of the present century learners, who are equipped with digital appliances since they learn to hold things. To enable the schools to keep pace with the changing times and evolving technology, we at VISIONet have made the Digital Lecture Studio which conceptualizes the Digital classroom methodology. This is the methodology that is a way ahead of the Smart classroom concept and a special care is taken to help the users overcome the limitations and drawbacks of the Smart Classroom. The chart mentioned below will help you understand the concept in a better way:-


Sl.No. Features Whiteboard based SmartClassroom VISIONet Digital Lecture Studio
1. Record classroom with audio No Yes
2. Moveable in other class No Yes
3. Broadcast lecture No Yes
4. Student console for review lecture No Yes
5. Connectivity with internet No Yes
6. Provide PC & podium No Yes
7. Edit recorded lecture No Yes
8. Easy to write No Yes
9. Security of equipment No Yes
10. Work on any surface No Yes
11. Teacher shadow on the screen Yes No
12. Disturb student vision Yes No
13. Write on anywhere on the screen No Yes
14. Provide anytime any where Learning No Yes
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