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VISIONet Digital Lecture Studio blended learning solutions is strong, nimble and affordable. VISIONet is leading the way by using cutting-edge technology, like Digital Classroom … to enhance the students’ academic experience so they are fully prepared to compete in the knowledge economy. This evolution of technology in education replaces the black board and furthermore the whiteboard concept with the digital white board and a digital writing pad and pen

The teacher has to unlock and unveil the equipments of the portable podium (the lecture studio). He/she can then take the class with the help of the curriculum based multimedia content provided. Teachers who used blackboard for writing and explaining concept will now be using the digital whiteboard and digital writing pen for writing, enunciating and explain the concepts and emphasize sentences or words by underling or highlighting it with the special features of the software using the digital writing pen. (teach)

(content) The teacher can plan the lesson well in advance and integrate his source materials in DLS, that he/she will be using while teaching three options are available to the teachers for integrating the lecture’s content.

1. He/She can choose the content from the digital library. VISIONet has the possession of an extensively wealthy 15000+ hrs and 800+ curriculum based multimedia content digital library that has been devised to address the composite issues related to content management with a view to develop more effective approaches for searching and browsing multimedia content. This user friendly Digital library is regularly updated and populated to keep it updated according to the changing curriculum of the different educational institution. The course curriculum consist of interactive multimedia lesson that engrosses the students and makes them get to the root of the concept without levying any pressure on them.

2. Can prepare His own material that may include word files, power point presentations, graphics, movie files.

3. Browse content from the internet. This technology helps teacher’s explain and student’s understand various complex concepts which otherwise were very difficult for teacher’s to teach and student’s to comprehend.

The teacher can pause the lecture and add in something or explain a part of the concept which is being taught in the class.

The teacher can broadcast the lecture on the local or web based server.

Furthermore not only the lecture but the entire classroom experience is automatically being captured or recorded simultaneously on just one click.

As students learn by doing, therefore assessments become an integral part of the digital classroom. Teacher has the facility of creating assessments or he/she can utilize the assessment in the course that actively engages each student in a personally meaningful evaluation that provides evidence of individual student’s accomplishments of each learning goal.

The classroom recording that is at the teacher’s disposal at the end of the class can be edited. Teacher has the option to arrange the classroom lecture delivered on a particular topic frame wise, delete unwanted slides, the teacher can package it by saving the session with a keyword for reference and bookmark the sub-topics as well to facilitate students to access the exact topic while he/she is searching for it facilitating the review in future. Teacher can convert the classroom lecture experience into various video formats as per his convenience and make it available for podcast or webcast or even convert it into an online course with the help of CMS.

Further the lecture/course can be published on hosting side either on campus based digital lecture library, web based and CMS which can be assessed with a web browser. It provides a complete hosting service like steaming media server, authentication, backups, security etc.

The lecture now becomes interactive multimedia lesson ready to be delivered.

Not all the students in a particular class is of the same acumen and intellect. So finally the lecture/course can be delivered on the Campus based digital library or GspaceOnline.com (education networking site) which is a web based Digital Library platform for podcast and webcast. GspaceOnline delivers the lecture live and/or webcasts it on demand anywhere & anytime. Students can thereafter review the content from anywhere anytime, many time.

Now in order to make the educational solution complete in itself it can be integrated with other solutions. They are:

1) MIS - for getting the reporting of the entire administration on a unified platform for easy access of information.

2) Reporting System – tracking the no. of students logged in, no. of viewers for a particular lecture, track the growing likeliness for the lectures of a particular teacher and the like.

3) e-learning (CMS, LMS) - After the teacher has the recorded lecture in hand, he/she can package it by editing and deleting the unwanted frames and can integrate with any other file and key point bookmark the sub-topics as well to facilitate students reach the exact point when they search for it. Furthermore, the teacher can also convert the classroom experience into an online e-learning course with the help of CMS.

4) Integrated with Digital Library – The integration of this methodology with the Digital Library gives teaches the availability of 800+ extensive curriculum based multimedia content material from where they can choose the content required and make a lesson plan before they go for taking a class.

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