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Digital Lecture Studio for Army and paramilitary forces

The objective of setting up Digital Lecture Studio in the army sector is to facilitate them in conducting their general, internal and strategic training sessions smoothly in a cost effective way through the visuals. If further helps the army men in seeking the advice of any expert by referring to the pre-recorded sessions. Furthermore it helps them in reviewing the information anytime and anywhere. We hereby attempt to make their endeavors hassle free by facilitating them to record not only their general and strategic training sessions, meetings and the like but the entire experience which can be of great benefit and can be used for reference any time in future. This will in turn help them create a repository of knowledge which can be used to training their employees. This recorded piece can be further packaged and published or stored for reference or reuse in future.

  • Helps in reviewing the training sessions as and when needed.
  • Conducting training sessions in remote areas becomes easier and cost effective.
  • The entire seminar can be recorded and can be later referred in future.
  • Makes the delivery of internal trainings very easy.
  • Empowers the trainers in conducting the training sessions very smoothly.
  • Strategic training given through visuals makes the concept clear and easy to comprehend.
  • Meeting sessions can be recorded and later referred to as and when needed.
  • Facilitates the learner to review the information anytime and anywhere.
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